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Talks Online and Live, making Science simple



I deliver talks about Science "live" or on-line.  I believe that science is, except in its details, applied common sense, and my talks aim to make  scientific subjects clear and entertaining for the general public. 

I'm a Science graduate and retired teacher and trainer, who has taught subjects ranging from Fire Service Control Room IT systems to adult literacy; even at one stage running evening classes in Modern Jive!  I developed and delivered training courses face-to-face and online, both in the UK and worldwide, and have also served as an online tutor for Learndirect.



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In "When Chimps are smarter than People", I look at subjects as varied as world terrorism and marathon times for the over 60's, and explain how our minds are "hard-wired" to give us wrong answers.  I suggest ways we can recognise these when they occur; and argue that the world is in better shape than we think!


"Superb!" - John West, Chair, Havant U3A. 
"Thought provoking. One of the best talks we have attended recently". 
"You felt you were participating and not just sitting and listening".

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In "Evolution and Natural Selection", I take a whistle stop tour through life's evolution on Earth, outline some of the evidence for it, and explain why Robinson Crusoe didn't eat beef!


"Absolutely Excellent" - Hazel Stent, retired teacher.

"Easy to understand"; "Extremely informative and thought provoking".

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In "Anyone can do it - a beginner's guide to Science", I look at why we need science, the simple steps that scientists follow, how to tell good science from bad; and how to recognise things that pretend to be science but aren't!    Along the way I ask: How sure are we that the sun will rise tomorrow?  Is Evolution a theory or a fact?  Does "standing tall" for two minutes before an interview really improve your chances of getting the job?


"Fantastic!" - Geoff Worthington (Website and internal publicity, Havant U3A)


"The right amount and level of information" - Jo Derham (Chair, Waterlooville U3A)

"Really interesting and informative"

"Made me want to read about science issues"



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