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I'm a retired teacher and trainer who has taught subjects ranging from Fire Service Control Room IT systems to adult literacy.  I've designed and delivered live and online courses to people in the UK and worldwide, and worked as an online tutor for Learndirect.

I believe that science is, except in its details, applied common sense, and my talks aim to promote a more fact based view of the world, and to  make scientific subjects clear and entertaining for the general public.

After taking a degree in Chemistry, I spent the first half of my career in IT, and then in 2002 I retrained and started my second career as a trainer/teacher, from which I retired in 2019.

I've lived on the south coast since 1981.  My interests and hobbies range from science and family history to rugby and dance.  I'm also a member of the local U3A group, a dabbler in woodwork at the local 'Man Shed', and love an occasional pint, either in the local pubs or on the cruise holidays my wife and I enjoy together!